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Research Manager

Analytical.  Efficient.  Innovative.  Learner.

If the above describe you, Haynes & Company is looking for you to join our team as a

Research Manager.


Haynes & Company (H&Co) is a research and analysis firm that works with institutional investors, retailers, and private equity firms.  Be it publicly traded stocks and bonds; portfolio company due diligence; or management of ongoing businesses, our approach to research is unique: it relies on complex, in-person observations which are paired with internal analysis to deliver leading-edge knowledge.  We unlock insight to answer our clients’ hardest riddles, presenting solutions that are innovative, creative, and data-driven.

Based in New York City, but with a national, fully virtual workforce, H&Co is a growing and dynamic market research firm with a need for smart people who go the extra mile in order to help us reach our goals.  We are looking to add to our team with a new Research Manager.

**This position is a fully virtual, work-from-home position.**

The REQUIRED DUTIES of the Research Manager span the qualitative, the quantitative, and every shade of gray in between. They can be summarized by 3 major areas:

  1. Reports & Data Analytics/Output.
  2. Content Creation & Maintenance.
  3. Data Integrity.

Reports & Analytics.

Create, analyze, and manage reports for all Data Collection Projects, preparing them for client delivery on a strict established schedule. Some key responsibilities:

  • Act as lead analyst and analytical support on specific client engagements
  • Understand Tableau and able to update and run reports
  • Understand both internal and external reporting and analysis expectations and needs
  • Using build specifications, collaborate with our Business Intelligence team to design and execute clearly articulated project plans
  • Work directly with the Director of Research to design, improve, and streamline new & existing reports

Content Creation & Maintenance.

Support the start-up of new client engagements from initial research phase to going live, making ongoing updates as necessary. Some key responsibilities:

  • Define key metrics, design report specifications, and provide start up support to in-field vendors
  • Write, finalize and beta test data-collection questionnaires using cloud-based software
  • Create & maintain updates to all Learning Modules, Helpdesk Articles, and other researcher-facing informational resources
  • Beta-test all data collection items prior to distribution through personal in-store visits, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and user-friendly experience from the get-go

Data Integrity.

Ensure ongoing data excellence through careful quality control, prompt & accurate revisions, and effective communication with internal team members as well as in-field researchers. Some key responsibilities:

  • Build data quality control (QC) rules. Working with the Business Intelligence team, roll out QC Dashboards in Tableau
  • Ensure 100% data integrity by conducting robust weekly QC of in-field data submissions for multiple projects utilizing tools such as exception-based online Tableau dashboards
  • Conduct frequent, timely & professional communication with in-field vendors - to clarify details and/or request data revisions
  • Work to a 100% daily service level so that all data submissions are error-checked and communicated in a timely fashion

Our ideal candidate is someone who seamlessly blends the theoretical with the practical and enjoys seeing their ideas come to life.  Personal qualities ABOUT YOU include:

  • Independent worker unfazed by juggling multiple streams of work simultaneously
  • Can adjust priorities (while communicating with their team) based on workload, personal judgment, and direction from management
  • Capable of pattern recognition within data. Pattern recognition, whether in service of groundbreaking insight or ensuring clean and accurate data, is core to what we do
  • Confident and poised without ego or drama
  • Can think on their feet, even anticipating what is next to get it done before being asked. We are looking for someone who thinks ahead, can spot a problem in advance, and designs an appropriate solution
  • Highly logical and organized in everything you do, from your inbox to your thought processes
  • Ethical beyond reproach
  • Adept at working from home with the ability to demonstrate success in a non-traditional, unstructured work environment

The QUALIFICATIONS we seek include:

  • BA / BS degree in Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering, Applied Mathematics, or any discipline in the Social Sciences or other highly technical field 
  • At least 1 year of data analysis/output (3 years preferred) with the ability to demonstrate and discuss a previous project you were involved in, where you utilized these skills
  • Experience in creating & maintaining content for Learning Modules, Helpdesk Articles, or other informational resources is a plus
  • Flexible schedule, including working on most weekends is a must, as the majority of our data collection is done on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, especially in connection with or using data.  A writing sample is highly encouraged as part of your application
  • Adept at learning and using evolving technologies including applications such as Tableau, Coassemble, Zendesk and Google Suite independently
  • Able to troubleshoot one’s own technical roadblocks
  • Understanding of core financial concepts such as revenue, COGS, gross margin, and operating margin is a plus
  • Ability to work remotely on one’s own and with other team members distributed across the United States and abroad

COMPENSATION is competitive and includes a performance bonus as well as the benefit of working from home on a flexible schedule. An individualized benefits package covering health insurance premiums and retirement savings is offered.

Promotional roles within the organization are available based on performance.

TO APPLY please submit a resume, cover letter, and optional professional writing sample via email to [email protected] with “Research Manager” in the subject line.

How to Apply: